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Music production, editing, and mixing tuition available. From beginner to advanced level. Please get in touch to discuss our classes.

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We provide hands on music production classes including the following areas:​

  • Sound Design

  • Signal Flow

  • Synthesis

  • Song construction and production

  • Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) (For Beginners)

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Learn about microphone placement and correct recording techniques including:

  • Microphone types and placement

  • Drum mic setup and recording

  • Recording guitar and vocals

  • Using preamps

  • Audio Interface introduction

  • Converters

  • Using DI boxes

  • Stereo mic techniques

  • Phasing best practices

  • Using fx while tracking

  • DAW setup


Music mixing tailored to suit  your individual skill level. Suitable for beginners or more advanced users looking to enhance their skill set.

  • Mix preparation and workflow

  • Using buses

  • Stem Mixing

  • Mixing Techniques

  • Advanced Routing

  • Understand compression

  • Creative use of fx processors

  • Correct use of equalisers and filters

  • Using gates, limiters and de-essers

  • Formats and conversion

  • Basic mastering techniques

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